Jenny Releases Video for "Lonely Lost Me"

Ok, so lots of cool things happening. I just released my first official music video for "Lonely Lost Me," the first tack off of my EP, The House Sessions. Rolling Stone Country actually posted it on their site which is kind of crazy. Everyone has been leaving the nicest comments and i could not be happier. 

How did the idea for this video even come about? Well I'll tell you! 

When we had the EP finished, I played it a couple of times around the house and in my car. Wyatt soon after that started saying, "Mama music, Mama music!" I would start the EP and after Lonely Lost Me would end he would ask for more. He didn't want to hear the whole thing, just that one song over and over and over again. I got really sick of myself really quick. But I thought it was catchy enough and worthy of a video. So after i saved enough cash to even pull off making a video I started to think of different concepts, but i was only seeing one thing...Wyatt. So why not make this a story about a love between a mother and son instead of a man and woman? Since Wyatt loved the song so much it seemed perfect. It's funny because when i wrote this song, Wyatt wasn't even close to being here. It was just a love song that turned out pretty cool, but now Wyatt gives it more meaning.  

He was such a good sport while we were shooting this. A few shots didn't work out because 2 year olds only have so much shooting time! But I love how this turned out. And y'all will probably shake your heads at me but...I never got professional photos done of Wyatt when he was born. Don't worry I have a million on my phone that look pretty good. But this video ended up turning into a two birds/one stone situation. Now I have a music video to promote my new EP and I captured me and my boy together at such a sweet time in our lives.

This video was produced by Joel Smith from Comprehensive Media Inc. He and his team were amazing and I'm so grateful for the hard work they put in to making this happen. 

You can see this video right here!

Now I'm already plotting for the next video! Mwwaahhhaaahhhaaaa